Friday, March 20, 2009

Questions to Ponder on Friendship

Anchorage, Alaska--

I’m going snowmachining this weekend. Based on my current research into Alaska public corruption, I leave you these two thoughts:

1. My friend Bill Parker suggests that when you’re in a conflict with a friend, you should say to yourself “Save six for the pallbearers.” Similarly, if you’ve picked all your friends because they’re people who can help you advance in your career, does it make sense to pick at least one friend because you just like the person? You could call that plan “Save one for the fun.”

2. If you got charged with a serious crime, which of your friends would stand behind you?


Unknown said...

Well, it depends very much on who you consider a "friend" - just someone you like to hang out with, or someone who's honesty, kindness and wisdom you like to be around?

"Serious crime". As we all know, "legal" actions can be immoral and some "crimes" are pure political bs.

Did your friend hurt someone? Did he or she trick, steal or defraud someone? Did s/he accept responsibility for their actions?

Was this "serious crime" in response to some crisis, or was it part of a pattern of how s/he deals with the ups and downs of life?

A comment I read on another blog today was "You don't know who they really are and neither do they know themselves".


akparamedic said...

GREAT question! Learned the hardest and most painful of ways, I already know the answer; all of them! Well, almost all of them. This includes the 350 members of IAFF Local 1264, and it has remained unconditional. Very soon, I will be stepping forward to confirm their trust and support has not been misguided. I have an extraordinary story to tell (and prove) about widespread, top level corruption in Anchorage politics.

Great site, I am looking forward to your book.