Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ocean-Going Question on Teachable Moments


The sun is shining, and I'm off to Alaska's jewel-like Prince William Sound, where I will kayak, eat good seafood, and watch some Fourth of July fireworks on the beach. I won't be back at a computer until Monday afternoon, July 6.

During any downtime in the celebration of our country's anniversary, readers might want to ponder the following question. Will the accumulating list of problems in the five-year-old federal investigation of Alaska public corruption combine with the Last Frontier's distance from our nation's capital to lead the Department of Justice to stop that investigation in order to give prosecutors around the U.S. a lesson on how to comply with discovery obligations? To put it another way, will Attorney General Eric Holder pull the plug on "POLAR PEN" to use it as a teachable moment for crime-fighters?


Howard said...

Surely the tectonic plates of irony will shift if we end up with a Democratic AG obviating penalties for all this manifest Republican corruption to make up for the sins of Bush Justice Department prosecutors. Finer legal minds than mine will need to assess where the greater public good is to be found; spare us, at least, anybody claiming that these actions dismiss, excuse or exonerate the obvious corruption that now stands unveiled.

What they do instead is add another chapter to the story of politicized, incompetence at GWB's DOJ.

In the meantime, doesn’t this all feel precisely like the condition social theorist Fredric Jameson described as “the postmodern sublime” – the simultaneous apprehension of dread and ecstasy?

Anonymous said...

Boy, did you pick a weekend to go away!

Anonymous said...

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