Monday, September 28, 2009

I'll Be Teaching a Class on This Subject

Here follows a learning opportunity for those who have some time free on Wednesday afternoons this fall. I’ll be teaching a class with the following description:
The Slippery Slope
Alaska's Political Corruption Scandals
Teacher: Cliff Groh
How did the Last Frontier go from the heady idealism of the early days of statehood to the seamy FBI tapes of legislators and powerbrokers in Suite 604? This course explores what happened and why by looking at the bribers, the bribe-takers, and the environment in which the bribes occurred. The class also looks at the rise in the political power of long-time VECO CEO Bill Allen, the methods of the federal investigators, and the problems that have plagued some of the prosecutions. It concludes with a look at the future course of the federal probe and a discussion of the lessons that Alaskans could learn from these scandals.
Cliff Groh is an attorney and writer in Anchorage. He formerly served as a prosecutor, journalist, legislative aide, and municipal attorney. The lifelong Alaskan also served as Special Assistant to the Commissioner of Revenue during the Cowper administration from 1987 through 1990. He is writing a book on the Alaska public corruption scandals, and he maintains a blog at on the Internet.
I’m teaching the class through the Opportunities for Lifelong Education program (OLE for short). If you’re interested, you can become a member for a year at a cost of $150 and take this class as well as a variety of others. You can get details at on the Internet.


For those who were unable to attend the class or who aren't in the Anchorage area, but are still interested in Opportunities for Lifelong Education, accredited classes online are becoming more popular and affordable.  Check them out and find a subject that appeals to you.

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