Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bruce Weyhrauch's Lawyers Seek More than $600,000 in Fees From the Feds

Anchorage-- Lawyers for former State Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch (R.-Juneau) have filed a motion asking the court to award litigation costs against the federal government in the wake of the dismissal of the federal charges against the former legislator. The motion cites two examples of the prosecution eliciting grand jury testimony that the defense alleges was false. Weyhrauch's lawyers seek an award of more than $600,000 in litigation costs, with about two-thirds of that amount representing attorney time and about a third paralegal time. The case initially involved charges of public corruption, and ran for almost four years before the Department of Justice agreed to its dismissal last month in conjunction with Weyhrauch pleading guilty to the very odd state misdemeanor of dealing with unregistered lobbyists. As I repeatedly disclosed, I have known Bruce Weyhrauch for about 30 years, although he has never discussed this case with me. More later, as I am on a deadline on another project.

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