Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New York Times Editorial Calls for Release of Report on Misconduct of Prosecutors in Ted Stevens Trial


The nation's largest local metropolitan daily newspaper has urged the court to release the report prepared by special counsel who investigated misconduct by prosecutors in the botched prosecution of U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens (R.-Alaska).    This call comes more than two months after the court announced the completion of the report and almost a month after the Department of Justice stated that it did not object to the release.    The New York Times editorial stated that:

The Stevens debacle stained the department’s reputation and will continue to do so unless there is full disclosure of the investigation. The department issued new guidance for all federal prosecutors on how to handle “criminal discovery” in the wake of the Stevens case. But neither Congress nor the public will be able to tell if those standards are sufficient without a full understanding of what happened in the Stevens prosecution. 

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