Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Geez--Even If You Are a Lifelong Alaskan Born in the Territory and Still Sport a Full Beard Left Over...


...from your vacation, they can still call you "East Coast looking" if you wear the sports jacket you got as a gift from your fiancee (a former trapper and musher who has slayed many fish and land critters).

From the "Alaska Ear" gossip column in Sunday's Anchorage Daily News:

OUT AND ABOUT ... Earwigs spotted former Gov. Tony Knowles being unusually voluble and demonstrative during what looked like an interview at Side Street Espresso Tuesday evening. The interviewer was described as "white-haired and East Coast looking," which Ear understands to mean he wore a jacket with elbow patches.The Omniscient Orifice has no idea who it was. Joe McGinniss? He's a white-haired guy and writing a book with the wonderful working title "Sarah Palin's Year of Living Dangerously," set for publication by Random House next year. But this white-hair had a beard and at last glimpse McGinniss didn't. So who knows. Maybe Tony's dictating his memoirs.

This event was actually Wednesday morning (in the words of the "Ear," "The truth is so limiting"), but the man with the former Governor was clearly me. I'll own up to my white hair, but I thought my fur-face made me look more like a prospector than a professor. I'll try to choke back my disappointment and keep working on my own book.

To see me how you could see me and decide for yourself, check out the next post.

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