Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Department of Justice Gets a Little Breathing Room

Washington, D.C.—

The feds got some extra time to respond to the defendant’s Motion to Dismiss. Until today the government’s lawyers had faced a deadline of this Thursday to respond to the lengthy and comprehensive defense request to throw out the case (or at least overturn the jury verdict and force a new trial).

The new team of prosecutors asked the court to give them more time, and the defense did not oppose that request. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan immediately granted the government’s request. Now there will be a hearing on Tuesday, March 10, at 10:30 a.m. to discuss the status of discovery in the case and set a final briefing schedule.

Without pre-judging the allegations made against some members of the DoJ's trial team by FBI agent Chad Joy and prosecution witness Dave Anderson, the fact that this request from the government came from a new group of lawyers had to help generate the positive response from the defense and the court. We’ll see how long these softer sentiments last.

Administrative Note—It was fun to watch the President’s Address to Congress on TV and then walk outside and see the lit-up Capitol three blocks away.


Youth Voice said...

Dear Cliff,

Brian Lamb discussed your blog during this lecture at about the 32 minute mark:

Thanks for writing.

Youth Voice said...

Dear Cliff,

Brian Lamb discussed your blog during this lecture at about the 32 minute mark:

Thanks for writing.

Cliff Groh said...

Thanks for this tip, Youth Voice. I had heard about the speech, but was previously unaware of the YouTube video.

Best to you--

Cliff Groh

Busless said...

Cliff Groh, Jr.: I saw your C-Span appearance and was interested in one aspect. Now living in South Alabama I am 'listening' and 'feeling' this cultural setting in the way I felt Alaska from 1980-90. If I recall correctly the beginning of Bill Allen was as a code welder from New Mexico in the late 1960s who through a series of contracts was allowed to grow from that beginning to being the 'cleanup'contractor for the Exxon Valdez incident. That has relevance because Alaskan culture has been known to take individuals without the Harvard/Stanford pedigree and turn them into 'silk purses.'

Now, this is my take. The genesis of Alaska corruption began in 1980 with the ending of Mike Gravel's
U S Senate career, careened through the impeachment of Bill Sheffield and the national event that kept Ted Stevens from becoming Senate Majority Leader.

As the elected Secretary of the Democratic Party of Alaska from 1982-84, having talked with many of the senior individuals involved in the case, including Jerry and Margaret Ward, I will say that the template superimposed over Alaska could lead others to see Alaskans
as misfits. That would include the APFC Dividend Program.

Having had numerous conversations with Ted Stevens, and Don Young, during the ANWR canpaign of 1986-89
I would argue that everything that is evidence is correct. However, what is the real goal, what was the Bush Administration's goal? If I had to guess I would think that the history of Alaska as a non-partisan political state is what may be at the heart of the problem. The lack of accountability
and transparency due to weak core values lends itself to making the 'no harm, no foul' case. The 'on back order' and the 'good samaritan' mentality is not Washington Beltway. Many insights I have shared with others about America came from Ted Stevens.

During my time in Alaska some amazing things happened, nothing more special than the Great Alaska Shootout. Even its beginning in the Ft. Richardson Gym speaks of the journey. Some NBA Hall of Fame inductees began their college careers in that venue.

What does all this mean? Ask George N. Nelson, former President of B P Exploration (Alaska) or Bill Hopkins, CEO, Alaska Oil and Gas Association, and they will tell you.

All Blessings,

Charles McGee
"Fron the Back of the Bus"
Andalusia, Alabama

ayura said...

im nt getting exactly wat u r abt to say...its a bit messy

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