Sunday, February 15, 2009

Law Professor and Commentator Goes Way Overboard in Slamming Prosecutors in Ted Stevens Trial

Agoura Hills, California—

Jonathan Turley is a law professor, and I’m not. Jonathan Turley has apparently handled a number of criminal cases in federal court, and all my experience in criminal law has been confined to the Alaska state courts. Jonathan Turley has appeared a number of times on national television, and you’ll need to follow this space to get details on my upcoming first appearance.

Having said all that, Jonathan Turley ventured some pure silliness in a blog posting referencing Judge Emmet Sullivan’s ruling that four prosecutors were in contempt of court in the Ted Stevens case. Turley said “The United States Justice Department has finally outdone the O.J. Simpson prosecution team as the worst in history.” Sure, there have been some missteps and boo-boos, but anybody familiar with the long history of prosecutorial misconduct in cases around the country would immediately recognize this hyperbole as nonsense. More to come on this.

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