Thursday, October 22, 2009

Don Young, United States Representative A


From Mark Regan:

As Richard Mauer and the Alaska Public Radio Network (APRN) have reported, the documents filed in the Bill Allen sentencing include some “Stipulated Facts,” signed by Allen in May 2007, summarizing the testimony Allen might give against “United States Senator A” (obviously Ted Stevens) and “United States Representative A” (who can only be Don Young). The two “Representative A” paragraphs assert that

“From in or about 1993 to on or about August 30, 2006, ALLEN and SMITH also provided things of value to United States Representative A. For instance, in or about June, 2006, Smith obtained a set of golf clubs, costing approximately $1,000, that SMITH gave to United States Representative A. SMITH used ALLEN’s credit card.”

“From approximately 1993 to 2006, ALLEN and SMITH authorized the use of VECO corporate funds to pay for the expenses associated with a yearly fundraiser for United States Representative A. Each year, ALLEN and SMITH arranged for the purchases of catering expenses, liquor, equipment rentals, and other associated costs for a fundraiser for United States Representative A. These expenses were paid using VECO’s corporate funds, and amounted to approximately $10,000 to $15,000 each year. The total monies paid by VECO for these fundraisers thus totaled approximately $130,000 to $195,000.”

Could Don Young possibly have been spending high hundreds of thousands of dollars on legal fees to deal with $1000 worth of golf clubs and less than $200,000 worth of fundraisers?

--Mark Regan

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Kansan said...

Don Young certainly could have spent all that dough on defending the receipt of golf clubs and fundraisers, but one doubts it.

More likely, he's spending it defending charges over that interchange in Florida that was inserted into a bill after it was passed. Don is worried about being tried Outside for the same reason that Uncle Ted was...

Neither can depend on getting a dispassionate to acquit. Ted got tried on the relatively trivial charges in DC because no jury in Alaska would have convicted him, so the prosecution needed to export the case to where an objective verdict might have been obtained.

Alaskans have been so dependent on feasting off the crumbs that fall off the tables of these two, that the Senate Strumpet and House Hooker were venerated when they should have been reviled.

What never came up in Ted's trial, and what one hopes will appear in Don's, is the enormous amounts of money that the Veco campaign finance laundry showered on recipients obviously selected by the congressional concubines. Why else would sleazy candidates such as Senators Larry Craig and David Vitter, and Representatives Rick Rienzi and Rich Pombo be so well rewarded from corporate executives from so far away? The money either went directly to candidates, or through Young's and Stevens' PACs, "Midnight Sun" and "Northern Lights."