Saturday, October 24, 2009

What Does It Mean that Bill Allen Has a Full-Scale IQ of 82?


Bill Allen’s lawyers submitted a report with his pre-sentencing memorandum stating that a test given in August of this year showed a full-scale IQ score of 82. This result places him in the bottom portion of the “Low Average” range. Well under 15 percent of all American adults have a score as low as 82. The range below “Low Average” starts at a score of 79 and is called “Borderline Retardation.”

Allen of course suffered a brain injury from a motorcycle accident in 2001 from which he has “improved only moderately,” according to a psychiatrist.

Since that brain injury, Allen has:

· served as Chairman of VECO, a company whose annual revenues reached a billion dollars;

· traveled and vacationed one-on-one repeatedly with then-U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens, Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee and one of the country’s handful of most powerful people; and

· served as the political arm of the major oil companies in Alaska politics.



Woody said...

To whom it may concern.

I was born and raised here.

I will not tolerate your califonia mentality.

In fact you were the first one that google chose to support your assine antics.

All individuals that claim a problem with Palin, Stevens, Allen, Young, havn't been here long, or don't know Crap.

I will see you in cort wright?

Blogger profile said...

you forgot to mention the buyer of politicians and possibly electoral votes in 2000...