Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bill Allen Reportedly Cleans Out His House and Puts It Up for Sale

Miami Beach—

The Alaska Ear column in the Anchorage Daily News reports that a house is suddenly available in what some consider the border of the Anchorage neighborhoods of Bootlegger’s Cove and South Addition. Try to get past the criticism that its outside so reflects the owner’s background in the oil fields that the house looks like an oil derrick—the location is nice. You can walk to the ocean and to a very nice trail for walking, skiing, and biking. There's a lagoon by the trail that you could paddle around or skate on in the winter. And rumor has it that the house comes with three hot tubs inside. I know, I know—you might be concerned that I live nearby, but my residence is about three blocks away.

The owner has been ordered to report to federal prison Tuesday, so if you don’t move fast you will not be able to get a personal showing.

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