Monday, January 11, 2010

Pete Kott Talks About Life in Stir

Miami Beach--

As I shiver in the record-breaking cold on South Beach with my son on vacation and find that stone crabs are overrated (this Alaskan says that king crab is better), I steer you to Jill Burke's excellent piece on life in prison for those convicted in the federal investigation into public corruption in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Her story at features tidbits from an interview with former Alaska House Speaker Pete Kott, who got released after a spell in the same facility that ex-VECO executive Rick Smith is headed for tomorrow. Now in the unusual position of being out on the street while waiting for a judge to sort out allegations of prosecutorial misconduct, Kott tells Burke about his unhappiness at former VECO CEO Bill Allen's relatively light sentence based on Allen's cooperation with investigators. "I'd like to have 30 minutes alone with Allen," Kott said.

Burke 's piece is at on the Internet.

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Yusef Asabiyah said...

King crab is the best crab in the entire world--nothing compares.

Thanks for the blog.