Sunday, March 21, 2010

Additional Ways to Hear Me Speak on Alaska Public Corruption


I have been asked if there would be a way for those unable to attend my lecture last Thursday at the University of Alaska Anchorage to hear it. I was advised during the lecture that it was taped and would be available as a podcast. I’ll give you the details when I have them.

And if you’re really set on hearing my nasally voice and fast speech, you can hear them—plus the dulcet tones of radio anchor Lori Townsend—by listening to the Alaska Public Radio Network story previewing my presentation. It appeared on the statewide program “Alaska News Nightly” last Thursday, and can be heard at on the Internet.

Finally, I don’t think I showed my last slide at my lecture. Here it is:


Conversations with a number of people have sharpened my thinking about Alaska public corruption. Prominent among them would be Terry Gardiner, George Freeman, Mark Regan, Michael Carey, Steve Aufrecht, and Theresa Philbrick.


Diane said...

Cool. Thanks, I was really disappointed that I couldn't make the lecture.

Looking forward to the book too.

Howard said...

Printed text is still by far the fastest way to assimilate information. Any chance of a transcript, or posting your notes?

毅力 said...