Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bill Allen's Lawyer Bob Bundy Cleared of Ethics Charges Arising During Ted Stevens Trial

Indio, California--

A disciplinary body for lawyers has notified Anchorage attorney Bob Bundy that he will not face ethics charges for allegedly coaching his client Bill Allen when the confessed briber was testifying during the Ted Stevens trial in October of 2008.

The Blog of Legal Times reports today that a grievance committee has advised the former U.S. Attorney for Alaska that he “has been cleared of any wrongdoing” in a controversy sparked by the trial judge. U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan referred the matter to the body after complaining loudly that Bundy was signaling Allen to influence the witness during cross-examination. Bundy was sitting in the gallery while Allen was on the witness stand. A lawyer representing Bundy announced the next day that the Anchorage lawyer vigorously denied the allegations.

You can read the account of the Blog of Legal Times at on the Internet.

Disclosure: More than 15 years ago, I worked with Bundy and his wife at the Anchorage District Attorney’s Office.