Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Play-Acting the Ben Stevens and Bill Allen Relationship


The Alaska Dispatch has released a video dramatizing an FBI tape of a 2006 telephone conversation. The production features ex-lawmaker Andrew Halcro playing his former legislative colleague Ben Stevens and long-time Anchorage theatre personality Dick Reichman doing an impression of the halting Bill Allen. It’s worth watching at http://www.alaskadispatch.com/dispatches/features/4924-file-no-194a-an-13620 on the Internet.

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freeper said...

That corruption in the Alaska legislature hasn't gone away,

...it's still being practiced, it isn't even hidden anymore.

It's front page news and everyone seems to be ignoring it.

The news today out of the Alaska legislature is that they're paying to set up a Houston Texas company and pay the costs of that Houston Texas company's business.

Think the state will get the profits ?

Nope. The legislature just figures they should spend our money setting up private business so those private businesses can go on to make their profits.

The private business owner is quoted as saying he's thrilled the state is going to pick up most of the costs for his business.

(gee whiz, I would be thrilled too, if the state was picking up most of the costs of my business, .....wouldn't you ? )

He says that the state picking up his business costs and paying them for him is going to make it easier for him to sell his business plan and borrow even more money.

What the hey, right ? The banks will undoubtedly lavish money on him since the State of Alaska is paying the costs of his business.

Do you suppose any of the local 'tea-baggers' are demonstrating about this ? You know who I'm talking about, those folks who say government shouldn't be intruding into their lives.....

Do you suppose any of the corruption watchdogs are making sure this sort of political payoff isn't happening anymore ?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha .

Instead of making their payoffs in hotel rooms, they now cut the checks right out of the state treasury and make the deals right on the floor of the capitol building with press releases announcing the deals.


I've got a question for any business owner reading this right now.

Are most of your business costs paid for you by the State of Alaska ?

If not, ...why not ?