Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another Reading Recommendation


Happy Thanksgiving. And be thankful you aren't in the situation described well in an article in the Washington Post called "The Waiting."

The piece is about the experiences of the survivors and the rescuers in the aftermath of a plane crash last August in a remote part of southwest Alaska. That accident killed former U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens (R.-Alaska) and four others: Dana Tindall, of Anchorage, a telecommunications executive; Tindall's daughter, Corey, a high school student; Washington, D.C., lobbyist Bill Phillips, a former chief of staff for Stevens; and the pilot, Terry Smith, of Eagle River, a retired Alaska Airlines chief pilot.

The crash left four other people alive--former NASA Administrator and ex-Stevens staff member Sean O’Keefe; O’Keefe’s son Kevin, a student; Washington, D.C.-area lobbyist Jim Morhard; and Phillips’ son Willy, a student.

The four survivors were in desperate trouble, not knowing if help would arrive. Even after it did, it took agonizing hours to get the survivors off the mountainside and into hospitals. The story is scary and affecting.

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