Monday, November 22, 2010

If You Missed Me on the Big Screen Friday, Here's a Link


At the request of Matt Felling of Anchorage's KTVA Channel 11, I did some live TV Friday. I learned some things about live TV:

1. Keep your answers short.

2. Follow the cues in your ear, both from the questioner and from the producer in the booth.

3. Avoid fillers. (And if you think I talk funny now, buddy, you should have heard before I had, um, 12 years of Toastmaster training.)

Plus one substantive point: The lead-in to my interview and the headline on the story on the Website both state that federal investigators were "found guilty of professional misconduct" in the Ted Stevens trial. Given that there have been no findings--just multiple leaks of findings--this is incorrect. A good headline would be "Reports Say Fed. Investigators Will Be Found to Have Committed Professional Misconduct in Ted Stevens Trial."

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