Monday, March 14, 2011

Associated Press Reports that Judge Has Accepted Bruce Weyhrauch's Misdemeanor Plea and Schedules Sentencing at 9 a.m. Tomorrow


The Associated Press reports that a judge in Alaska state court in Juneau has accepted former State Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch's plea of guilty to the misdemeanor of "Participating in, aiding, or abetting a lobbyist engaging in activity without being registered." The court set sentencing for 9 a.m. tomorrow.

I have reviewed the documents filed Friday, which contrary to my earlier post were filed in state court and not in federal court. I'll have a lot more to say about this case later this week, but what strikes me this afternoon is that it is highly unusual--if not unique--to see a five-page factual basis for plea in a misdemeanor case in Alaska state court. That's what happens when lawyers for both sides negotiate and insist on putting the versions of each side in one document.

(Disclosure: I have had numerous personal and professional contacts with Bruce Weyhrauch between 1981 and 2005, but he and I have never discussed his case or spoken since his indictment in 2007.)


Lou Sheehan said...

What amazes me is that if you juxtapose Tom Anderson's case with the other cases including both counts charged with and sentence, Anderson’s case is light years below the Kott's and Kohring's and VECO executives' in charges and sentences (AND ACTS!). Anderson didn't vote and he didn't sponsor bills. Why isn't Anderson's case being audited by the special prosecutor in Wash DC as was Ted Stevens' case? And for that matter, if Anderson was so corrupt, why did he declare his income allegedly gained from extortion to APOC (Alaska Public Offices Commission)? As I recall, Anderson's issue was relating to residential homes for youth with psychiatric needs - Alaska doesn't have many of those -- that is, Anderson’s case wasn't about Big Oil. I believe there was an injustice to Anderson and his wife and their families with this case and investigation. Where's that news story? Where?

Kellie said...

Thank you Louis for saying what I have been thinking.

"I believe there was an injustice to Anderson and his wife and their families with this case and investigation."

Kansan said...

Anderson was hooked up with Kohring and Marc Marlowe to get a Certificate of Need needed for approval to operate as a juvenile prison. It would have been located in the companion building by the McKay building.

Anderson took a $25,000 bribe, I think, to help fix the deal. With Bill Bobrick he set up a deal to launder it through payments for supposed contributions to a non-existent website. The money was provided by the FBI.

When he was busted via wiretaps, he was offered a deal to wear a wire and get some of the other members of the Corrupt Bastards Club. He did so for months, then refused to continue to wear it. His sentence was what he got for reneging on the deal.