Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bill Weimar Extradited to Florida


Richard Mauer of the Anchorage Daily News continues a run of strong work on the troubling story of Bill Weimar, who went from private corrections magnate on the Last Frontier to convicted felon to fugitive on a child sexual abuse warrant. A multimillionaire retiree, Weimar had moved to Florida following the end of his imprisonment following convictions arising out of the federal probe into Alaska public corruption. Weimar left the Sunshine State for Cuba after he was questioned by a sheriff's detective about an allegation that he sexually molested a six-year-old child he was caring for. You can find another interesting article by Mauer on Weimar's travels and ultimate arrest in Mexico here.

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Sherlock said...

The damage that Weimar is alleged to have done to this little girl is just the latest of his depredations.

Alaska now has a boondoggle prison in Goose Bay, thanks to Weimar and his fellow criminals, who prevented expansion of regional prisons around the state with their corrupted legislators.

Some of them have never been charged, such as Senators Jerry Ward and Ben Stevens, and other likely suspects including Robin Taylor and Eldon Mulder (who purchased a million dollar home in Boulder in late 2009) evaded exposure.

Thanks to them, the immensely expensive state prison was built in a place where there was no infrastructure (sewers, power, etc.). It is so isolated it will have substantial problems recruiting a workforce as potential staff will be unwilling to commute on the winding, dangerous roads from Wasilla or Big Lake.

Placement of the prison is such an impractical location was the work of Sarah Palin's high school buddy and Commissioner of Corrections, Joe Schmidt. Schmidt could have put it in Palmer, very accessible and where it would have saved tens of millions in construction and infrastructure costs alone. One also wonders if Deputy Commissioner Sam Edwards had anything to do with do with this blunder, and what his motivation might have been?

Now the lunatics running the asylum are considering placing the mess back into the hands of the same for-profit prison industry that got the state into this disaster in the first place.

A definition of insanity is, doing the same thing, over and over, and expecting a different result.