Wednesday, April 18, 2012

House Judiciary Committee Hearing to Feature Outside Expert and Lawyer for Accused Prosecutor


The House Judiciary Committee's hearing tomorrow on the court-ordered Schuelke-Shields report on prosecutorial misconduct in the Ted Stevens case promises more disagreement than the hearing held by the Senate Judiciary Committee last month.    

Tomorrow's House hearing will feature both an outside expert in white-collar criminal litigation and the most vocal attorney for a prosecutor a special counsel's report accused of intentional misconduct in withholding evidence in that botched prosecution.    

The outside expert is Alan Baron, a white-collar criminal defense attorney who has also served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney and Special Impeachment Counsel in a proceeding against a federal judge.    

The attorney for the accused prosecutor is Ken Wainstein, who represents Assistant U.S. Attorney Joe Bottini, who sat as second chair in the Ted Stevens trial in Washington, D.C. in 2008 before returning to his regular job in Alaska.   

Returning to Capitol Hill to testify on the report will be chief court-appointed special counsel Henry "Hank" Schuelke, who also appeared as the sole witness at the Senate hearing in March.

The hearing tomorrow occurs against a backdrop of calls in Alaska and in Congress for the firing of the two prosecutors specifically accused of intentional misconduct in the special counsel's report.   

Wainstein blasted the special's counsel report in a news release earlier this week, saying that "We are confident that Congress and the American people will ultimately see that the report is based on nothing more than flawed reasoning, slanted factual analysis and a process that denied our client and his colleague the fundamental right to answer and test the accusations against them."

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