Sunday, April 22, 2012

Redacted Unsealed Documents Dog Don Young, the Congressman for All Alaska


Documents unsealed through a lawsuit filed by the organization Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) include allegations that U.S. Rep. Don Young (R.-Alaska) and his late wife misused campaign funds for personal purposes, a charge that the Congressman's spokesman denies.

CREW calls itself a watchdog group, and the lawsuit it is pursuing attempts to get the Department of Justice to release documents from its criminal investigation into Young.    Although Young's Congressional office has announced that the federal criminal probe into him is over, CREW claimed last week that redactions in the documents from FBI files that have been released so far indicate that the federal government is still investigating Young.

Young's lawyer dismissed as nonsense CREW's allegation of a continuing federal probe into his client.   

Calling CREW "some of the most reckless people I have ever seen," Washington, D.C.-based attorney John Dowd said "They are just trying to smear him, hurt an old man.   He did everything right, he cooperated with everyone, there is no case there."

The attorney's description of his client as an "old man" shows why Dowd is a defense lawyer, not a campaign consultant. 

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