Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Weirdness Hits

Live from the Ted Stevens Trial, Day 22

Washington, D.C.--

The judge reads the third note relating to a particular juror. Signed by the foreman, the note begins “We the jury request that Juror # 9 be removed from the jury.” The note says that she is “being rude, disrespectful, and unreasonable” and that “She has had violent outbursts with other jurors and that’s not helping anyone.” The note says that she is not following the laws and rules set out in the instructions.

Judge Sullivan is clearly most bothered about the “violent outbursts” part, and asks the lawyers for thoughts on what he should do. There is discussion of alternatives ranging from bringing in the foreman to ask him what he meant by the “violent outbursts “ reference to bringing in Juror # 9 to bringing in the whole panel for additional admonishment on the need to be civil.

The judge goes off to tell the jury to stop deliberating while he ponders what to do.

The judge returns and indicates his intent to call in the jury as a whole. He does so, and gives them a pep talk about getting along and working together as “judges of the facts” before sending them back to the jury room to resume deliberations.

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