Friday, October 17, 2008

This Blogger's Tired Tonight

We saw a combative Sen. Ted Stevens skirmish today with the prosecutor during cross-examination. Tune in tomorrow for a post entitled “I Have a Trial Lawyer’s Temper: I Use It—I Don’t Lose It.”


marxlaw said...

Cliff. Can you please post the location of the courthouse. It didn't come up on my first or second google search. thanks.

Jim McGowan said...


It's so fun having someone I know in there watching the trial. It must be a gas being there. Thanks for linking me into your project.

Of course I am waiting anxiously for you to get on with your report on how Ted held up under the first blitz of cross examination. By the way, were you able to read the jurors' faces during the cross -- i.e. could you see whether they were finding the USAG rude or overly aggressive?

Keep up the great work.


Jim McGowan