Monday, October 27, 2008

Prediction on the Outcome

Live from the Ted Stevens Trial, Day 26

Washington, D.C.--

As a practical matter, the outcomes of this trial fall into three categories:

1. Acquittal on all counts (also known as “Stevens walks” or “pure acquittal”)

2. Hung jury on all counts

3. Conviction on at least one count

It appears that Outcome # 1 above—a pure acquittal—is the least likely result of this trial. The other two outcomes—a jury unable to decide on any of the seven counts and a conviction on at least one count—now seem about equally likely. The prediction would have been different when the case went to the jury last Wednesday, when this blog would have wagered on
conviction on at least one count. But the intervening difficulties arising within the jury have seemed to have marginally increased the odds of a hung jury.

Once again, please recall that this prediction comes from the same blogger who confidently announced that Ted Stevens would never testify in his own defense.

(Thanks go to loyal reader Betsy Ptak, who has frequently urged that the blog post a prediction before the jury returned a verdict.)


Anonymous said...

Remind us all - does the hung jury have the same effect as "Stevens walks"? What would that mean to him? (Full disclosure, the loyal reader, Betsy Ptak, is the blogger's sister.)

Boy said...

Stevens was convicted, according to the ADN website. I expected this, but what happens next? What kind of sentencing will prosecution and defense argue for?

Alaskan Eskimo said...

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