Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It Was Ted Stevens' Day


Looking over the photographs of the smiling faces of Ted Stevens’ daughters surrounding him as he left court with the cloud of prosecution removed from him, I saw what a happy family looks like in public.

I was also struck by the legal work that helped free the former Senator. As I wrote on this blog back on October 5, Washingtonian magazine said in 2002 that Stevens' chief lawyer Brendan Sullivan’s counterattacks against the government “have put more prosecutors in jail than their indictments have put away his clients.”

Ted Stevens is of course not going to jail now, and his trial prosecutors have now got to lawyer up with a big legal cloud over their heads. And they can’t get Williams & Connolly to defend them, which had 13 lawyers in court to celebrate their victory today.

More tomorrow.


Beth said...

So, what next for Stevens? I mean, he is 85 years old, but what next?
Recall election? (I doubt it.)

Cliff Groh said...


Although I have no direct knowledge of his plans, a number of factors suggest that it would be unlikely for Ted Stevens to run for public office again--but I've definitely been surprised before.