Thursday, April 2, 2009

Roundup of Reactions to Government’s Abandonment of Ted Stevens Case

Anchorage, Alaska—

Ted Stevens is writing his memoirs, and one of his Republican Senate colleagues says “"I think he can get his reputation back. I don't know where he goes to get his legal fees back." -- Paul Kane, Washington Post, “Ex-Senator's Friends Say This Victory Is Bittersweet,” in

Many of those Senate colleagues, however, are not rushing to honor him after the announcement that the convictions will be voided because “Prosecutorial misconduct aside, Stevens' unreported gifts from a campaign contributor — who can forget the $2,700 massage chair he claimed was a loan? — fed a popular perception of arrogance and abuse of power among Washington's elite.” – Laurie Kellman, Associated Press, “Analysis: Stevens vindicated; what of his legacy?” in

Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to drop the case totally signals both a sharp rebuke to the Bush era Justice Department and Holder’s assertion of authority over the Department, including a Public Integrity Section critics say is plagued by poor management – Josh Gerstein, “Holder’s bold stroke,” Politico, in

The Ted Stevens conviction was “the biggest win for Public Integrity” in more than a decade and now the unit will face more scrutiny, say Josh Gerstein and John Bresnahan, “Holder abandons Stevens prosecution,” Politico, in

Due to prosecutorial misconduct, “the crown jewel conviction of the wide-ranging, years long probe of corruption in Alaska politics is destroyed. A fitting testament, perhaps, to the Bush Justice Department's record of failure.” –Zachary Roth, “Decision To Drop Stevens Case Was Triggered By Latest Government Fumble To Emerge,”, in

In a completely different view, “I firmly believe that today, the likelihood of a Republican escaping conviction for any crime in front of a DC jury is about as much as the aforementioned snowball escaping hell in solid form.” – Martin Knight, “Fratricide and Ted Stevens,”, in

UPDATE--Correction made to title on post.

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msspurlock said...

The BDS carriers are out in full force. They know perfectly well this was orchestrated by the Democrats.

It's the same corrupt tactic they used to unseat Conrad Burns. They pick a seat, make up lies, bribe or threaten witnesses and corrupt the justice system.