Thursday, April 2, 2009

Link City 2—More Reactions Roundup

Anchorage, Alaska—

Attorneys discuss the effects of the dropping of Ted Stevens case on “POLAR PEN” and on the Stevens trial prosecutors ("‘The question in this case is whether the prosecutors were overzealous or overwhelmed‘") – Lisa Demer, “Other cases may be affected,” Anchorage Daily News at

There’s a split between how Alaskans view the government’s abandonment of the case versus how people in the rest of the country see the decision – Liz Halloran, “Some Alaskans See Stevens As Good As Vindicated,” at

Noted commentator suggests that Ted Stevens both had a lack of criminal intent and a great record of achievement for Alaskans – Michael Barone, “Former Senator Ted Stevens Deserves Praise from Alaskans,” at

Washington Post editorial on abandonment of case (“The Stevens Case: Its shocking reversal says more about the Justice Department than about the former senator.”) --

Blog post arguing that government’s abandonment of case should not be interpreted as exoneration of Ted Stevens – Josh Marshall, “Clean Bill of Health?” at at

Catalogue of controversies over prosecutorial misconduct in Ted Stevens case – “Prosecutorial missteps from trial of former Sen. Ted Stevens,” Los Angeles Times at,0,6335291.story

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