Sunday, October 23, 2011

Los Angeles Times Has Two Good "POLAR PEN" Stories


Kim Murphy has two nice pieces today in the Los Angeles Times on the federal probe into Alaska public corruption.    One sketches the overall story of "POLAR PEN" with a focus on the prosecutorial mistakes and/or misconduct that blunted the investigation's impact.   Murphy quotes an unnamed attorney talking about the delays in wrapping up the seemingly unending probes of the probers:   "Are they waiting for another prosecutor to commit suicide?"

The other story by Murphy looks at the case of Bruce Weyhrauch, a former Alaska legislator who spent almost five years charged with multiple felonies in the corruption probe.   The article has Weyhrauch's lawyer Doug Pope digging through the statute books to find the obscure misdemeanor that his client ultimately pleaded guilty to at the end of the case.   Weyhrauch is also writing a book entitled "It Could Happen to You."

You should read each of these, and maybe we will get more from Murphy on these topics.

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