Friday, October 21, 2011

Television Announcement


While I am working away on my typically oversized post about today's sentencings and the "We're done" press conference from the U.S. Attorney, you can watch me on TV tonight on Channel 11, KTVA in Anchorage, as Bill McAllister interviews me about the significance of today's events and the entire federal investigation into Alaska public corruption.

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Najm al_Hemsi (the most brilliant Saudi Arabian ever!) said...

I think the world of you and look forward to reading your posts. But I can't watch Bill McAllister on CBS. I often wonder how in the world "very credible CBS" ended up with the decision about giving him a job.

Remember, Bill gave himself to Sarah well before he quit his NBC job. Whatever journalism credentials he had in the past are long gone.

I job at McDonald's would suit him at this point.